Manufacturing for OEM and suppliers

The range of Diamond Drills production consists of core drills, countersinks, milling routers, wheels with small diameter und small diamond tools to be installed on traditional machines as well as on automatic and semiautomatic ones. All products fullfil any productive demand in the architectural, automotive, art glass, forniture and forniture accessories fields.

We are able to produce special customized tools and thanks to a widespread distribution network, we can satisfy the requirements of the national and international customers.

Quality and environment always under control

The production system of Diamond Drills respects the quality and the environment at the same time. All the production phases, from the use of the raw material and the manufacturing process to the semi-finished or finished product, are constantly controlled. The aim is to release high-quality products in the name of the EU and global regulations in force.

Skilled and expert staff, involved in R&D, is aimed to search for new solutions respecting the environment, without altering the tools performances.

Revolution Core Drills
In the last years new automatic drilling machines and CNC machines have been introduced in the flat glass market, with the aim to automate the drilling operations and to improve their quality.
Diamond Drills quality
Thanks to quality materials, experience and careful selection of diamonds, Diamond Drills meets the needs of both craftsmen and industry.
"Razor" Milling Routers
Razor drills are characterized by high performance milling

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